Twelve Phrases You Should Use Every Week To Ensure 2012 Is Your Best Year Ever

There are dozens of articles telling us what not to say, phrases not to use, and words to avoid when we are with prospects and customers. Here’s a list of a dozen phrases we should start using, or continue to use, that instead of chipping away at our credibility can lead to building a better and stronger relationship with our clients.

  1.  Thank you! People like to feel appreciated. Thank you for your business. Thank you for the referral; the present; the card; and the kind words. Thank you for staying late; arriving early; skipping lunch; and the good work that you do.
  2. I can do that. Exhibit positivity. Everyone likes to be around positive people. I can do that. By golly, I can get that done. Woo-hoo.
  3. It makes sense to me, what do you think? The best closing line you can use. If the plan doesn’t make sense to your prospect, client, spouse, friend or boss, this question will reveal why it doesn’t make sense.
  4. Let me give you an example. Keeps someone engaged, and helps them follow you and the conversation. Be sure you have a real example to prove your point.
  5. I’m following up to determine next steps. You should never, ever say, “I’m checking in.” Prospects don’t want anybody to check in with them. They want sales pros that provide value during every contact; in an email, a voice mail and at those rare face to face meetings. (The only time I want to check in is at the airport or a hotel.)
  6. Happy to help. When someone appreciates your effort and expresses their gratitude by saying, “Thank you” a simple, sincere, “you’re welcome” is the perfect response. When they go on, gushing about how they couldn’t have gotten on without you, just nod your head and enjoy the gratitude. “Happy to help.”
  7. Have you ever thought about using our company before? Your prospect is probably using somebody else for what your company can provide. Maybe they’re using them “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Maybe they never heard of you. Maybe you were on the short list of vendors in the past. After you deliver the question, wait for the answer and follow up appropriately.
  8. Did you hear the one about… Tell a joke once in a while. One that makes you laugh out loud. Sometimes business can be stressful and overwhelming. Have a thought, or story or joke available that puts a smile on your face to keep things in perspective.
  9. That’s a great idea! This exhibits excellent listening skills. You heard what they said and you liked what they said. Enough said. Let’s move forward with this great idea and enjoy more successes.
  10. Consider it done! Three simple words. This confident statement will get your client thinking positive about the future.
  11. I thought you would be interested in this article. Your client or prospect will appreciate the fact you were thinking about them. Articles are everywhere including technology trends, leadership trends, HR trends, sales trends, home improvement trends and more. Copy the link and email it to your contact in that category; better yet, print the article and mail it to them. You will be remembered.
  12. Thank you! You can never say “Thank You” too often. Besides “Yes, Dear” these are the two words we should use most often. Thank the prospect for seeing you. Thank the prospect for their time. Thank the prospect for considering purchasing your stuff. Thank your employees for their efforts. Thank your network for the referrals; for listening; and, for advice. Thank your customers.

Remaining positive and enthusiastic is challenging. Especially with all the bad news reported on the web, the radio, the TV and in the papers. We are constantly getting bombarded with what we shouldn’t do; don’t do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? These 12 phrases to repeat every week to ensure 2012 is your best year are not the only phrases to say, but are a good start.

What else should we say?

What do you say when you are positive and enthusiastic?

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3 Responses to Twelve Phrases You Should Use Every Week To Ensure 2012 Is Your Best Year Ever

  1. Zak Kates January 5, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    “Thank You!” I can NEVER say Thank You too many times to your clients/prospects. Let them know they’re appreciated.

    • Mike Cooper January 9, 2012 at 10:00 am #

      Thank YOU, Zak ~ I look forward to resurrecting our weekly (or bi-monthly) accountability conference calls.

  2. Mike Cooper January 20, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Thanks for the kind words, Sue!
    You belong to a great group. Let me know some of the things you are still thinking about.

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