Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach

1 Goals ~ SMART Goals:  You are able to set challenging goals, get buy-in, make plans and follow those plans to achieve your goals. You’ll accomplish goals, and tasks, and projects much more quickly.

2 A coach helps you identify and eliminate unproductive time drains, like burying yourself in administrative tasks, making dreaded cold calls or waiting for the phone to ring so that you can focus on activities that bring revenue in the door. Who’s got your back?

3 Keep it Positive; you’ll be a lot happier and this happiness will last. A coach can help celebrate your successes and be a source of strength when you fail. Your motivation will come from within… You will have fun. You will become more confident. Once you start taking action, you get results and your confidence grows.

4 A coach offers new perspective; a source of creative ideas; Social Media and other marketing tactics. Some sales coaches have two degrees in Marketing and a passion for sales.

5 Coach will identify Action Steps and help maintain a disciplined process; they will ensure you focus on those Eight High Payoff Selling Activities.

6 Accountability: report weekly on your accomplishments and initiatives. Keep track of your prospects, clients, competition and successes.

7 Coach is experienced with most categories of business. The value a sales coach brings is applying the sales process to each business category: goal setting, planning and action steps to your business and obtaining results.

8 Development plan:  coaches assess and improve your sales and marketing skills, as well as personal productivity and leadership skills. Coaching reveals your strengths, and provides tools for working around obstacles, so they won’t keep you stuck. Take some risks and go for the plunge.

9 You’ll get superior results: Three types of results… Increased Profits, Increased Productivity, Increased Sales…  the coach will help you sell better… sell faster… sell more than last year…

10 You will put yourself in a position to ensure 2013 is not just a good year, but a great year. Does that sound good?

Two questions to ask yourself:  What does a coach cost? And, what will it cost if you don’t get a coach?

Answer: Pick up the phone and give a coach a call… there are programs for as little as $250/month.


From the internet:

“The best coaches offer encouragement, observation and ideas, and let their clients make their own decisions.”

“Coaches don’t tell you what you should do (that’s your mother’s job) or how to solve your problems (that’s consulting).”

“A coach helps you get clear on specific goals, create an effective action plan, and keep taking steps to get the results you want.”

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