Shoot for PAR

Shoot for PAR throughout the sales process. Focus on Planning, Accountability and Results to Heat Up Your Sales™

Here’s to your best year yet: 2014… Good Selling!


         S M A R T

        Setting objectives (what are your goals?)

        S M A R T goals (WAY SMART)

        Measuring (how often will you measure?)

        Activities (high payoff activities)

        Resources (people & money)

        Must have management commitment


         Handling stalls & objections

         pricing; check w/ husband; send info

         Closing sales

        Options close; Opportunity cost close

        Trial close; Best Time close

        Accountability (how often will you meet)

        every Monday… every other Tuesday

         discuss results & reasons for variance

         compare to last year… what’s different

         new or lost clients; sales rep quit;

         no new clients; competition

Accountability Meeting Questions

•What are we doing right?
•What did we do wrong?
•What could we have done better?
•Do all customers know about all our products and services?
•What three business building initiatives should we focus on?

        Results ~ two kinds of results (good and bad)

         Revenue; units sold; sales per unit

        Compare them to plan and last year…

         estimate; plan; last year and actual

        Keep the meeting positive

         List of KPI’s you should consider…

1.Product performance
2.Sales Growth
•Total Sales
•Sales Per Rep
•Sales Per Customer
3.Demographic Metrics
4.Quote To Close Ratio
7.Sales by Contact Method
•Email | Web | Phone | F2F
8.Average Purchase Value
9.Sales Target
Remember, there are just two ways to improve your sales results: 1) get new customers, and 2) get your current customers to buy more stuff.
Set objectives, hustle and give your professional best.

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