Prospecting Formula For Success

Do you like prospecting for clients? Not many people do. You have to realize everyone you meet is a prospect or future client; they are just not quite convinced that today is the right time to buy your stuff, And, you are going to hear the word no. Tell six people every day what you do.

Tell your relatives, your spouse, your children, your mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, in-laws, neighbors, your church members, your children’s sports coach, the person standing in line at the grocery store, The chamber, chiropractor’s office, the home inspector, someone waiting in the lobby with you at the bank or at the football game, the other bank, a client, another prospect; at the home improvement showroom, at a store or restaurant, at lunch, in jail, at the bar, basically anyone who comes within five feet of you.

Prospecting is to successful selling as breathing is to living. ~ Paul Meyer

A carefully crafted introductory sentence can lead a sales prospect to consider buying something that previously wasn’t on their radar. Video shorts, SEO, sales coach, financial security, security systems, really big signs, professional photographs, or an updated logo are a few examples of products or services not on our radar.

Prospecting starts with telling everyone you come into contact with, either by phone, Internet, E-mail, or in person, what you do.

The pipeline is emptier than Mother Hubbard’s cupboards without prospecting.

Always be prospecting: write a letter, shake someone’s hand, or pick up the phone. “Who does this person know who can use my product or service?”

The formula for prospecting success = P + A + C: it starts with the phone (you gotta’ pick up the phone dude), then schedule appointments and finally close sales.

Prospecting has got to be a habit (you will go broke waiting for the phone to ring).

  1. Be prepared at all times as well as exude contagious enthusiasm.
  2. Be persistent and expect to make several calls to connect.
  3. Be professional, ask lots of questions, listen carefully and respond to ideas.
  4. Ask for the appointment: “Does Monday at 230 or Wednesday morning work better?”

If you believe in yourself, your company and your stuff, your presentation will be so compelling the prospect will be a client before the sales call is over.

Once you have got the appointment, you are on your way to building a relationship with another future client.


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