Prospect Not Calling You Back?

You know what burns me up? Prospects that ignore my emails and fail to return my phone calls. But, like all of us, they may just be really busy. They have a business to plan and run; networking events to attend; personal development classes to study for; golf courses to concur; and, a family. Who has time to call back pesky ole’ sales reps?

One way to get those prospects to respond is be creative and try something different. June is filled with holidays and special events. Send them a Fax, e-mail, voice mail, snail mail, FedEx, UPS, post card or greeting card with a note detailing a special holiday, how you were thinking of them, and hoping you will hear from them soon. Some examples:

June is:

  • Audio Book Appreciation Month ~ perhaps a CD on returning phone calls
  • National Smile Month ~ send a picture of you on the phone smiling
  • Great Outdoors Month ~ invite prospect to golf
  • Turkey Lovers Month ~ don’t be a turkey, respond to my email

June 1   Dare Day: A Challenging Day ~ I double dare you to call me back

4   National Barefoot Day ~ I’ll walk over burning glass for your business (not)

9   Donald Duck Day ~ leave a voice mail message, “Quack.”

14   Flag Day ~ Another Great Day in America to do business with us

17   Father’s Day ~ that inconsiderate jerk could be somebody’s father

20   Finally Summer Day: Summer Solstice ~ lots of daylight left to pull the trigger

22   Take Your Dog To Work Day ~ Accept proposal or Fido takes a bite

Check out the complete list of June holidays here.


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