Fourth Quarter Push & Promotion Opportunities

Upcoming holidays and special events provide plenty of promotion and themed merchandising possibilities.

Everybody is pinching their pennies. (Just the other day, I got an IOU from the ATM.) How can you use the holidays to Heat Up Your Sales?

October: Halloween provides Spooktacular Savings. Scare up some ways to provide added value for your customers. Last year we saw a sign just north of us: “Happy HalloWheaton!”

November: Promote with a fancy Thanksgiving Theme. Why not conduct a turkey-bowl fundraiser or a raffle where the money goes to the soup kitchen and your customers win a FREE turkey? Notify the newspapers (Trib Local) and the Chamber, and maybe obtain some FREE publicity.

December: It’s okay to say “Merry Christmas!” Decorate your store or place of business. Now’s the perfect time to “Get Junged” and warm up those dirty walls with a festive coat of fresh paint. Have your little elves wear Santa hats. Be enthusiastic and cheerful and watch the sales heat up.

January: Happy New Year! Resolve to Heat Up Your Sales. Set some SMART goals, track your results, make some adjustments to your tactics if needed, and watch your sales heat up.

February: It’s not too early to plan the perfect promotion or celebration. Super Bowl Sunday is February 5, 2012; my amazing wife’s birthday. Maybe the Patriots, unlike the Red Sox, will finish the season strong.



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