Finish The Year Strong

No excuses. There are just 10 selling days left in 2011.

The economy? Nope. Some companies are having their best year ever.

The timing? Nope. Everybody is busy. There is no time like the present.

The holidays? Nope. Schedule that appointment for January 5th or 10th.

The price? Nope. Stop comparing apples to lemons. Communicate the value.

My calls don’t get returned. Build trust.

My emails go unanswered. Build trust.

He didn’t show up for our meeting. Maybe he got a flat tire.

I don’t have enough leads. Network more.

Asking for referrals sounds like I’m begging for business. Give referrals and you will get.

My sales goals are too high. Prove it. Do your professional best. At least beat last year’s number.

The gatekeepers block my calls. Call when she is away from her desk.

I don’t have enough time. Focus on high payoff activities.

I’m not good at prospecting. Schedule your call time and pick up the phone, dude.

Asking for the order sounds like I’m begging for business. If you don’t ask for the order, you’re just a professional visitor.

There’s too much competition. Be creative, and communicate your value.

It’s too cold out. Or hot. Or rainy.

Nope. Set your objectives, hustle and give your professional best.

Be confident, positive and enthusiastic. Go sell something.

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