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August ’11
Summer Is Not Over
School vs. Work
Networking: Then and Now

July ’11
Baby It’s Hot Outside
Christmas in July

This is one of the few Newsletters that I get that I actually read.  Great job man!” ~ James Nagy, Managing Director, Sprockets Websites, August 26, 2010

Charity Golf Classic 2011
Sign-up Form

June ’11
God Bless America
Happy Fourth of July
5.5 Summertime Sales Excuses

May ’11
BBQ the Competition
6.5 Summertime Sales Excuses
Productivity = the wellspring of success

This is one of the few Newsletters that I get that I actually read.  Great job man!”
~ James Nagy, Managing Director, Sprockets Websites, August 26, 2010

April ’11
Improve Personal Productivity
The Total Person
Speakers Bureau Success Series
Five Steps to Success

March ’11
One of our 10 favorite months
Elevator Speech
6.5 Distractions and How to Avoid Them
Miller for Mayor Business Development Workshop Series

February ’11
How YOU doin’?
Cool Links
6.5 Tips for a Successful Sales Meeting
Goals Template
Happy Valentine’s Day!

December ’10
6.5 Sales Planning Guidelines
12 Benefits of LMI Riverside
12 Benefits of Send Out Cards
12 Goals we Recommend for 2011
Merry Christmas!

November ’10
6.5 Closing Techniques
Thank You!
Merry Christmas!

October ’10
Are your sales trends Scary?
Thank You!
6.5 Scary Sales Solutions

September ’10
6.5 Sales Presentation Skills
Are you ready for some football?
Do you know your shot to goals ratio?

August ’10
Leadership Traits Learned in the Field
Certifiable Sales Coach
Do you practice your sales?

July ’10
High Payoff Activities
Vacation strategies
Bail Me Out

June ’10
13 Phrases to avoid on the sales call
Short & sweet summertime sales tips
Trivia, Naperville Moms Network, and more

May ’10
Why do we network?
No more excuses
May is a cool month

Mid April Sales Tip

Relentless Follow Up

April ’10
6 Step Planning Process
Invite a Guest Speaker to Your Next Sales Meeting
Affiliates, Sponsors and Partners

March ’10
Networking Strategies
Networking Events

February ’10
Winter Weather Forecast: Heat Up Your Sales
Everyday is Another Great Day in America

January ’10
Top 10 List: 2010 Resolutions from the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Ways to Organize
8 Reasons Why You Should Tweet on Twitter
Why You Should Have a Sales Plan

December ’09

2010 Sales Planning
12 Habits of Successful Salespeople
12 Places to Keep Business Cards
12 Sales Tips of Christmas

November ’09
Q4 F’09 Sales Push: Sales tips to finish the year strong.
Tips for Great Sales Meetings
Referral Selling
Good Habits

October ’09
Sales Effectiveness: 12 key elements
Marketing, Advertising & Sales: What is the difference?
Why won’t the prospect buy?
Sales Force Efficiency: Front Row Solutions

September ’09
Close the Sale: “Best Time” closing technique
Professionalism: What your customers want from you
Networking: Five bullet points
Promotion and Merchandising opportunities

August ’09
Improvement: Heat up your sales.
Professionalism: Manage your sales and sell with confidence.
Negotiating: Let’s make a deal.
The ABC’s of Prospecting.
Referrals: Add Value.

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