Are your sales trends scary?

Are you afraid?
The phone is not ringing.
Nobody returns calls anymore.
You left your phone on the plane.
Decisions are taking forever.
Your laptop froze up; again.
Your customer canceled her order.
You were late for another meeting.
Your vendors are looking for money.
The business is not growing.

Don’t be afraid.. There’s just two ways to grow your business and turn those frightening sales trends around: 1) get your current customers to buy more stuff, and 2) get more customers. That’s it. No tricks.

Here are some frightening thoughts:
Are you an order taker or a sales maker?
Do you drop your price or demonstrate value and up-sell?
Do you describe your products or provide solutions?
Do you wait for a phone call or schedule appointments?

Nothing scary about demonstrating value, showing how you have solved other clients problems, and providing options to your future clients so they can be successful and obtain results.

Here are some more frightening thoughts:
You don’t have a sales plan.
You don’t know what your sales were in September, nor do you know where you are this month.
Your sales team does not have any direction.
Current customers are ignored and no one seems to follow up with prospects.

Nothing scary about an achievable sales plan. First you need to have a system to measure your monthly results; Go back to January, 2011, and document your monthly sales. What were your sales last November and December? What were your sales for this August and September? Take the larger number, add 20% and divide by 8. That’s what your weekly sales need to be to finish the year strong. That’s it. Math challenged? Call your accountant and read her this paragraph. Now set some goals.

Set monthly revenue goals through December 2013..
Set goals for each customer.
Set marketing goals (newsletters, blogs, facebook, linked in, twitter, other social media…
Set some weekly revenue goals for each sales rep.
Set some weekly activity goals for each sales rep (appointments, new clients, networking).

Still afraid? Give us a call 630-548-9723 and we will identify your high payoff activities. No tricks. At the same time we’ll treat you to some amazing solutions to ensure your sales are smokin’.

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