If you can measure it, you can manage it.

There are 251 selling days in 2013

Today is June 27; Day 124.

Six month review: Are you 50% of 2013 Plan?

  • Do you have a Sales Plan?
    • Do all your employees know the sales plan?
    • Do you know if you are ahead of last year’s results?
  • Do you know what your sales people are doing for the 50 hours a week you pay them?
    • Are they bogged down in paperwork?
    • Is their internet usage limited to business activity?
    • Are they hustling and focusing on high payoff activities?

Why Do We Measure?

Review Results : 2013 Six Month Review

Review Results : 2013 Six Month Review

We measure so we can see where we have been, and where we are.

We measure every month to ensure we are on track to meet the plan. If not, determine the reason for the difference and take corrective action.**

How Do We Measure?

  • Weekly or Monthly Reports & Activity Trackers
    • For each rep
  • Monthly Sales Charts
    • Total sales, category sales, rep sales
  • Monthly Meetings à Six Month Review
  • Do your meetings turn into messy food fights?
    • Have an agenda
    • Keep the meeting positive
      • Handle problems before the meeting
  • Facts & Numbers
    • Post in High Visibility Area
    • Highlight the success stories
  • Review Results
    • Examples: Units are 86.8% of last year; Unit price is flat
  • Develop Plan**
    Develop Plan: 2013 Back Half Sales Plan

    Develop Plan: 2013 Back Half Sales Plan

    • Example: 25% more revenue per unit & 6% more units
  • Identify Action Steps
    • 10 more calls a week
    • 3 more appointments a week
    • 2 more customers a week
    • Set objectives
    • Hustle
    • Give professional best

**You may ask yourself…

  • What are we doing right?
  • What did we do wrong?
  • Did we lose any customers?
  • What could we have done better?
  • Do all customers know about all our products and services?
  • Did we maximize all merchandising opportunities?
  • Did we leave any business on the table?
  • What three business building initiatives should we focus on?

Commit to spending the time on a six month review, back half planning, and monthly review meetings and your 2013 back half results will be smokin’ hot. Keep up the good work.

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