A Bakers Dozen Phrases to Avoid on the Sales Call

One of the most important high payoff activities is a face to face meeting with our customers. Often we only have one chance to seal the deal, and we never get a second chance to make a first impression. The following is the Sales Kitchen Baker’s Dozen phrases to avoid during these meetings:

1. Just checking in…

2. Calling to touch base…

For these two, we prefer using a form of, “following up….” “Hi, this is Jennifer, we talked last Thursday and I’m following up to remind you our meeting is next Tuesday at 10am.”

3. I was in the neighborhood…
Again: “just following up to see if you finalized the details on how many folks you are sending to the six session workshop starting August 18.” Clients like it when we follow up. Relentless follow up reminds them we are concerned with their success.Part of the superior customer service we provide.

4. How are you doing today?

Are they going to tell us they feel like crap and want to go home? Your only response to that better be, “Sorry you feel like crap. I’ll come back later.”

5. You’re wrong.
The customer is always right. We prefer to say the information we have contradicts your facts, let’s try to determine the real truth.

6. Here’s what I’m gonna’ do…
“Let’s Make a Deal” was canceled for a reason.

7. To be honest…
I’ve been lying to you up ’til now.

8. Calm down.

9. Shut up.

Calm down and shut up. This is not a Bruce Willis movie. This is the customer.

10. I can’t.

11. It won’t work.

Negative vibes will kill a sale faster than a blink of an eye.

12. Can I get your signature?
Never, ever, ask a yes/no question.

13. Trust me…

Stay away from these phrases and focus on making the presentation so compelling, the customer is buying long before you get to the close.

Trust me.

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