6.5 Sales Tips to Concur Your Fears

1. Qualify your prospects

Build a relationship based on confidence and trust. Come to an agreement with the prospect that they will invest time, money, and resources to fix the problem. Don’t work for free.


2. Manage your business contacts with the LinkedIn app

Research your business connections from your iPhone. You can accept invites and establish new contacts ~ from your phone. (That’s kind of creepy.)


3. Hire a sales or marketing coach to speak at your next meeting

Having your team hear your coaching tips from a different source earns credibility. That’s not so creepy.)


4. Don’t over promise

Set challenging goals but don’t promise the (full) moon. Under promise, over deliver, and exceed expectations.


5. Arrive early to appointments and meetings.

“Running late” is inexcusable.


6. Have lunch with one unusual person a month. (There are quite a few of us.)

Have a goal to always be on the prowl for interesting new stuff. People who think outside the tupperware come up with the most innovative, game-changing ideas


6.5. Luck matters

Luck is a combination of preparation and opportunity.

Ask for the order. Don’t be afraid to handle those scary objections and close the sale.

Good Luck.

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