30 Second Elevator Speech Template

Elevator Speech Info

  1. Your nameelevator
  2. What you do
  3. How long in business
  4. Description of your product or services
  5. Your ideal client
  6. Two U.S.P.’s ~ your competitive edge (USP Unique Selling Proposition)
  7. Restate name and say your Branding Statement

Example: Sales Kitchen ~ Elevator Speech

  1. Mike Cooper | Sales Kitchen | Certified Sales Advisors
  2. We cook up fresh selling solutions to heat up your sales™.
  3. We are in our fifth year of advising businesses and leaders.
  4. You’ll get a thorough sales history analysis, two year sales plan, quarterly goals, weekly action steps focusing on high payoff activities and amazing results.
  5. Ideal leads are leaders and businesses desiring new customers and wanting to sell more stuff to their current customers.
  6. USP’s ~ Enthusiastic Passion for Sales | Passionate about helping your team obtain results.
  7. Mike Cooper | Sales Kitchen ~ Chief Sales Officer & Head Chef
    • Cookin’ up fresh selling solutions to Heat Up Your Sales™

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