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What Do You Do?

When someone asks, “What do you do?” Do you have a well rehearsed response, enticing the stranger to want to hear more about you? You should use this handy format below to craft a compelling 30 second promo. It’s not an elevator pitch, it’s a 30 second promo. Why do we not like to think […]

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30 Second Elevator Speech Template

Elevator Speech Info Your name What you do How long in business Description of your product or services Your ideal client Two U.S.P.’s ~ your competitive edge (USP Unique Selling Proposition) Restate name and say your Branding Statement Example: Sales Kitchen ~ Elevator Speech Mike Cooper | Sales Kitchen | Certified Sales Advisors We cook […]

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Sales Kitchen’s 13 Ways To Have A Great ’13

A baker’s dozen from the Kitchen: 13 ways to Heat Up Your Sales in ’13. 1) 2012 Review (closed, lost, opportunities, highlights) 2) 2013 Plan (SMART Goals) Mandate monthly results meetings Establish goals for all employees 3. Develop three initiatives for Q1 Cause Marketing Monthly newsletter (step it up to twice a month) Update your […]

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Six Ways an Entrepreneur Can Work with Non-Profit Organizations

When we think of companies helping non-profit organizations, banks, national brands, radio stations, and newspapers top the short list. Their large marketing budgets and eye-catching advertising are great for their cause marketing efforts, but can intimidate us entrepreneurs and even discourage us from choosing a charity to try and make a difference. However, there are […]

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Dare To Be Different…

What separates you from the competition? You’re either in finance, IT, marketing, real estate, sports, painting, accounting, travel, insurance, manufacturing, coaching, inspecting, plumbing/heating, shipping, not for profit, law, retail, printing, mortgage/lending,  automotive, construction, health care, fitness, food, promotion, banking, home improvement, telecom, or something else. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Make sure […]

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