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30 Second Elevator Speech Template

Elevator Speech Info Your name What you do How long in business Description of your product or services Your ideal client Two U.S.P.’s ~ your competitive edge (USP Unique Selling Proposition) Restate name and say your Branding Statement Example: Sales Kitchen ~ Elevator Speech Mike Cooper | Sales Kitchen | Certified Sales Advisors We cook […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach

1 Goals ~ SMART Goals:  You are able to set challenging goals, get buy-in, make plans and follow those plans to achieve your goals. You’ll accomplish goals, and tasks, and projects much more quickly. 2 A coach helps you identify and eliminate unproductive time drains, like burying yourself in administrative tasks, making dreaded cold calls […]

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6.5 Tips for a Great Sales Meeting:

A great sales meeting is educational, entertaining and informative. We are talking about the weekly or bi-monthly meetings to discuss sales results and action steps; not the long drawn out national sales meeting. 1. Agenda Publish an agenda a couple days before the meeting. Request each participant to forward any problems or issues they are […]

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Sales Kitchen’s 13 Ways To Have A Great ’13

A baker’s dozen from the Kitchen: 13 ways to Heat Up Your Sales in ’13. 1) 2012 Review (closed, lost, opportunities, highlights) 2) 2013 Plan (SMART Goals) Mandate monthly results meetings Establish goals for all employees 3. Develop three initiatives for Q1 Cause Marketing Monthly newsletter (step it up to twice a month) Update your […]

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Manage Your Windshield Time

Tuesday Telephone Tip: Manage Your Windshield Time When you have to take a long drive, be sure to plan those valuable minutes you are looking out the windshield: Have a list of prospects and clients you need to follow up with to answer questions or schedule appointments. Since writing and driving is not a good […]

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Are your sales trends scary?

Are you afraid? The phone is not ringing. Nobody returns calls anymore. You left your phone on the plane. Decisions are taking forever. Your laptop froze up; again. Your customer canceled her order. You were late for another meeting. Your vendors are looking for money. The business is not growing. Don’t be afraid.. There’s just […]

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