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Say “Thank You!” With Gift Certificates

These businesses have exhibited outstanding customer service: gift cards are nice gifts. Painter: Bob Jung Painting & Decorating  Company’s coming! Deck the Walls with a fresh coat of paint (guest room, dining room, powder room, front door). Steaks: Sullivan’s Steakhouse  Unforgettable juicy flavor. Tender. Delicious. Sushi: Shinto Experience The hibachi tables are entertaining and delicious. […]

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30 Second Elevator Speech Template

Elevator Speech Info Your name What you do How long in business Description of your product or services Your ideal client Two U.S.P.’s ~ your competitive edge (USP Unique Selling Proposition) Restate name and say your Branding Statement Example: Sales Kitchen ~ Elevator Speech Mike Cooper | Sales Kitchen | Certified Sales Advisors We cook […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach

1 Goals ~ SMART Goals:  You are able to set challenging goals, get buy-in, make plans and follow those plans to achieve your goals. You’ll accomplish goals, and tasks, and projects much more quickly. 2 A coach helps you identify and eliminate unproductive time drains, like burying yourself in administrative tasks, making dreaded cold calls […]

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Why We Should Measure Results

September is in the books and there are just 62 selling days remaining in 2012. How’s business? Accountability requires management commitment and measuring results is a major ingredient in planning. “If you measure it, you can manage it.” Are you measuring your results and being accountable? Did January to September 2012 sales exceed January to […]

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Six Ways an Entrepreneur Can Work with Non-Profit Organizations

When we think of companies helping non-profit organizations, banks, national brands, radio stations, and newspapers top the short list. Their large marketing budgets and eye-catching advertising are great for their cause marketing efforts, but can intimidate us entrepreneurs and even discourage us from choosing a charity to try and make a difference. However, there are […]

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Fourth Quarter Push & Promotion Opportunities

Upcoming holidays and special events provide plenty of promotion and themed merchandising possibilities. Everybody is pinching their pennies. (Just the other day, I got an IOU from the ATM.) How can you use the holidays to Heat Up Your Sales? October: Halloween provides Spooktacular Savings. Scare up some ways to provide added value for your […]

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