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6 Sales Tips From A to Z

Here are 6 of our favorite sales tips from our A to Z collection: Accountability: Measure your results against plan. It’s the start of a new quarter, half way thru 2019. Are you 50% of your yearly plan? How is actual compared to 2019 plan? Do you have a plan? What’s your plan and how are […]

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Planes & Prospects

Planes At the beginning of this month, as we sat on the plane designated to return us to the polar vortex, the Southwest flight attendant announced the beginning of the safety lecture. Many of us have heard this enough times we could probably recite it from memory. “Welcome aboard. Return the seat back tables to […]

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Relentless Follow Up

Welcome to Sales Kitchen Sales Tips. Follow Up can turn a “no” into a “yes.” Prospects initially say no because they may be afraid to make a bad decision. Most sales don’t occur until after the eighth “No.” Most sales people quit after just two “No’s.” Prospects are busy. Chances are they already have something […]

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