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Why We Should Measure Results

September is in the books and there are just 62 selling days remaining in 2012. How’s business? Accountability requires management commitment and measuring results is a major ingredient in planning. “If you measure it, you can manage it.” Are you measuring your results and being accountable? Did January to September 2012 sales exceed January to […]

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Sales Tips From A to Z

Here are 31 of our favorite sales tips: from A to Z     (Print this article) Accountability ~ Measure you results against plan. It’s May 15th, half way thru Q2 2012. Are you 50% of your Q2 plan? How is actual compared to 2012 plan? Par is 35%. 3 B’s of selling ~ Be Bright; Be […]

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12 Reasons You Should Have a 2012 Sales Plan

Sales planning is critical to the success of your business. Unfortunately, some folks spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning their business. Here are a dozen reasons I have seen or heard happen due to lack of sales planning. 1. You keep saying next month you’ll write down goals; it’s already the […]

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4.5 Ways To Sell More

Remember, there are only two ways to Heat Up Your Sales: 1) obtain new customers, and 2) get your current customers to buy more stuff. 1. “Call Me In January”  Remember all those prospects and future clients that said to call back after the holidays? Guess what? It’s the last day of January. Have you […]

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Sales Predictions for 2012

Back in the day, my crystal ball was always in the repair shop when it came to forecasting and estimating. Today, I’m still not much of a psychic but I’ve made some predictions that are both good business practices as well as interesting. Gone are the days when we sold “features and benefits.”  Now, there […]

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Three Reasons Your Sales Results Are Under-Cooked

Another quarter is in the books. How are your 2011 results? Did you exceed 2010’s sales? Do you have new customers? Do you have new products or services available? Did you achieve quarterly plan? If you answered yes to those questions, keep up the momentum because your results are smokin’. If your sales results are […]

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