Sizzling Summertime Sales Tips

Networking  To ensure a successful networking experience, spend at least 75% of your time with people you do not know.

Prospecting  Prospect every day. Talk to strangers. Tell six people what you do every day.

Schedule Appointments  Schedule at least three appointments every day and stay at least 10 days out.

Meticulous Preparation  Know the customer. Know their customer and competition. Know your program better than anyone.

Relax  Be enthusiastic.

Presentation  3 B’s of selling. Be Bright. Be Brief. Be Gone.

Handle Objections  Write down three objections you anticipate even before you meet the prospect. Prepared, practiced responses project professionalism.

Close the sale  Ask for the order. Handle objections. Ask for the order again. Close the sale.

Relentless follow up  Remember: A simple thank you note or a call for feedback, questions, or comments is an easy way to stay current with your clients or new connections. Send a heartfelt card.

Thank You!
Everyday is a great day to say Thank You.

Who do you need to thank? Clients? Dad? Suppliers? Employees? Boss?
Thank you for your business.

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