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Heat Up Your Sales™ Series Courses: A Baker’s Dozen (watch the video)

Seminars and workshops:Bakers Dozen3

A baker’s dozen of one-hour courses designed to ensure you and your business improve sales results. Various business development and sales topics promoting dramatic growth in your people, your profits and your sales.

Here’s the abbreviated menu for the Heat Up Your Sales™ Series. Email [email protected] for a complete menu.

1. Networking & Referrals

  • Networking venues, strategies and techniques
  • Elevator speech recipe for success
  • Referrals | Ten questions

2. Pre-Call Activities, teaches you how to consistently get in front of your ideal prospect.

  • Defining your Target Market | Prospecting & Setting Appointments
  • E-mail and Snail Mail Ice Breakers | Direct Mail and Newsletters
  • Setting Appointments | Telephone Tactics and Tips | Purpose of the phone call

The main courses: “Goal Setting” and “Quarterly Planning” provides our basic menu of selling and marketing solutions (watch the video).

3. Goal Setting (SMART Goals)

  • SROT (Strategic Roll of Trade) | Annual, Quarterly, and Weekly Goals | SMART Goals | 7 day goals – Activity

4. Sales Planning

  • Reasons to Have a Sales Plan | List of Key Accomplishments | Identify Obstacles or Areas for Improvement
  • Review Sales by Category, by Month and Quarter | Determine Activities and Action Steps

5. The Sales Call Agenda – Activity

  • Reason for the Agenda | Vendor/Client Agenda Topics | Secure Next Meeting Appointment

6. Habits, Attitudes & Motivation

  • Learning New Habits | Types of Motivation | Motivation and Attitude

7. The Sales Call: teaches you how to customize, prepare and deliver consistently strong presentations (watch the video).

  • The Presentation Checklist | P A P C E – Professional Sales Call Technique

8. Getting Results, Handling Stalls & Objections: teaches winning. Everyone wins; you win, your company wins and most importantly, your customer wins (Watch the video).

  • Types of Stalls and Objections | Handling Stalls | Handling & Anticipating Objections
  • Closing the Sale | Closing Checklist | The 3 B’s of Selling

9. Evaluation & Follow-up

  • “What could I have done better?” | Relentless follow up

10. Reporting & Accountability

  • Daily Planning Worksheet | Sales Activity Tracker | Weekly Report

11. Time Management

  • Daily Planning | Weekly Planning | Manage Distractions | Focus on High Payoff Activities

12. Customer Service

  • Learn to Identify and Analyze Customer Needs and Problems | Call to Action: From Now to WOW

13. Getting Your Message Out and a Call to Action: helps you gain awareness, stimulate trail, encourage repeat business and provides an outline of action steps for results in just seven days.

  • Networking, Speaking, and Referrals | Newsletters, Brochures and Business Cards (oh my!) | Social Media

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