Sales Specialist Story

Mike Cooper is a recognized authority on consumer selling as well as the development of effective selling strategies. Mike is founder and Chief Sales Officer, at Sales Kitchen, a sales leadership, coaching and consulting company.  He has managed, coached or trained more than 1,900 sales professionals and earned numerous awards for leadership, sales achievement and for being a difference maker. In 2010, Mike earned Certification as Sales Trainer & Coach from LMI, a global training and leadership development company. He also earned Certification as Workshop Facilitator.

 Coop believes there are just two ways to grow your sales:

 1. Get your current customers to buy more stuff, or

 2. Get more customers

 Sales Kitchen cooks up solutions to season your leaders, BBQ the competition and Heat Up Your Sales.

“Ask the Sales Kitchen to heat up your sales. Great sales consultant.

Andrew Kleimola ~ ink station

Coop has been a member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce since 2008,  and is still very active on the Ambassadors Committee. There, he was three term Chair of the Speakers Bureau, and past Chair of Leads Team 3, and Business Resource Network. He was selected 2009 Rookie Ambassador of the Year, and 2011 Ambassador of the Year!

Mike is also member of both the Lisle Area Chamber of Commerce and Wheaton Chamber of Commerce.

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