2015 Sales Planning Bundle: Only $1,999!

Ways to spend money:

  • Upgrade your kitchen: costs up to $45,000
  • Summer vacation travel: $4,580 (family of 4; Summer 2013)
  • Repair your car: costs up to $3,758
  • Get married: start at $10,000 and extensive annual fees
  • Customized 2015 Sales Plan: $1999

2015 Sales Plan Bundle.

Order now! Email: mike@SalesKitchen.com  and Heat Up Your Sales™

What you get:

Three meetings

  • Needs analysis | Mid-point results meeting | Delivery of 2015 Sales Plan

2015 Sales Plan

  • Monthly sales goals | December 2014 destination (or goal)

2014 Sales Review and Audit

  • What have you done since January 2013? | Where are you now?
    • What has worked? | What has not worked?
    • Opportunities | Successes

Refine your mission

  • What do you want? | Why don’t you have it yet?

Develop quarterly goals and initiatives

  • How you will get to your December 2014 destination

Identify weekly high payoff activities

Two 30-minute training workshops

  • Handle Objections | Close More Sales

Results in as little as 7 days

Bundled Cost: $1999

Value: $5,250

Offer expires December 31, 2014, midnight.

Ongoing monthly coaching, consulting and training available for additional fee.

If you have ever wanted advice on developing a “Sales Plan,” pick up the phone and you can quickly determine your 2014 potential. The Salphone numberes Kitchen $1999 2015 Sales Plan Bundle includes a sales audit, 2014 sales review, 2015 sales plan and much more.

Email: mike@SalesKitchen.com and Heat Up Your Sales™