Sales Kitchen Rates

Two questions to ask:Red Dollar Sign

1. How much does Sales Kitchen cost?

2. How much will it cost if you DON’T hire a sales/business coach?

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Sales Kitchen Bundles

Sales Analysis & Planning               $2,400 (Our most popular program: a $4,100 value)

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Sales Kitchen Rates* & Fees (List Price)

On-site Sales Leadership                 Starting at $950/day

Sales Leadership & Coaching         Starting at $1,250/month

Sales Coaching                                   Starting at $500/month

Speaking Rates* & Fees

All day event                                     $7,500 >> $10,000

Half day event                                  $5,000 >> $7,000

Lunch & Learn                                  $1,250 >> $2,500


*Sales Kitchen invoices include all fees plus expenses incurred on client projects.

Effective June, 2010. (Updated: Jan ’11; Apr ’11, Nov ’11, Apr ’12, Apr ’13, Nov’13, Mar’14, Sep’14, Oct’18 , Oct’20)

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