Sales Kitchen


Sales Kitchen works with business leaders to improve sales results. We quickly identify obstacles to growth and provide options to ensure your firm achieves your sales growth goals.

Our programs include:9441where-are-you-300x300

  • Sales Audit & 2021 Sales Plan: Where you’ve been; where you are; and where you want to go
  • Business Development Initiatives: Identification and execution
  • Sales Training: Sales Kitchen Training Systems is a Bakers Dozen one-hour workshops designed to improve your sales results

You will begin seeing results in as little as seven days.

Call us now at 630-548-9723, and Heat Up Your Sales™.

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NCTV17 Inside the Chamber Interview

Mike Cooper’s qualifications to Heat Up Your Sales:

  • Enthusiastic Leadership
  • Goal Directed
  • Led High Power Sales Teams
  • Leads Aurora Chamber Business Development Team
  • Technologically Savvy
  • Three term chair Naperville Chamber Speakers Bureau
  • History of Successful Year Over Year Sales Growth
  • Current chair Naperville-Lisle-TRIAD Speakers Bureau
  • Certified Sales Specialist


Our expertise and technology position us to serve businesses, professionals, and individuals with the highest quality sales consulting advice, sales training, customer service training, sales expertise, and superior customer service.

We will strive to build quality, long term relationships with our customers, vendors, and affiliates, and to deal fairly and honestly with all people and companies we encounter. We will continually do our best to increase the level of service to our customers.

We will help our customers discover the best solutions to their sales, planning, and management needs by listening, providing information, and performing services to the highest standards of excellence — in real world terms and methods that they can combine and use to their benefit.

We will serve our community in ways that reflect our faith, and commitment to our affiliates, colleagues, customers, and friends; and show our appreciation for the help and support they and the community have given us.