Sales Coaching

Sales Kitchen will design a program specifically for your business and its goals.  Our unique style of results-focused coaching with vision and creativity will bring you and your company to the next level of performance.

We work with everyone including entrepreneurs, business owners, decision makers, sales reps, and sales leadership in a variety of areas including:

  • In Depth Analysis:  Asking dozens of questions to understand strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Selling Methods:  Mixing up traditional selling methods with the newer tools like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter
  • High Payoff Activities:  How to heat up your sales by focusing on activities that will make the most impact in the shortest amount of time

What Makes Our Coaching Program Different?bbqCompetition

You get Mike Cooper, Head Chef & Chief Sales Officer. He is goal-directed and has been selling, managing, leading, and heating up sales for over 30 years. He has managed, coached or trained more than 2,250 sales professionals and the list is growing every month.

Mike not only asks questions, he offers guidance. He’ll roll up his sleeves and guide you through the sales process until you feel you can continue on your own.

Give us a call at 630-548-9723 to schedule a 30 minute meet-up where we can demonstrate how Sales Kitchen will Heat Up Your Sales.

“Mike Cooper is the consummate sales management professional: extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and constantly seeking to improve in every aspect of salesmanship. Additionally, he brings to every venture, unparalleled enthusiasm and energy. Mike is also an individual of the highest integrity – always willing to go the extra mile to insure he delivers on his promises and commitments.”

Thom Sudol – Project Manager, GSA

From One-on-One Training to Large Groups

Sales Kitchen offers many different levels of Sales Coaching and Consulting for small and big business. We start with developing the sales process, then we work on the proper execution of the sales process; the complete Sales Kitchen package delivers an unstoppable Sales Force!

Develop the Sales Process

First, we identify Business Development Initiatives. As a team, we establish where your company would like to be. From there, we analyze what your company has done in the past, where your company currently stands and HOW you will reach your goal. Then we give you the tools to reach that goal through a cooked-to-order combination of Sales Planning and SMART goal setting and measurement.

Execute the Sales Process

After identifying Business Development Initiatives, we coach the implementation of your sales plan by holding your team accountable for their selling activities and ensuring your team focuses on high payoff activities to Heat Up Your Sales!

Develop a Sales Force

We’ve identified Business Development Initiatives, we’ve begun executing our plan, but how can we make our execution more effective? It’s time to learn the techniques that will transform your Sales Team into a seasoned Sales Force!