Relentless Follow Up

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Follow Up can turn a “no” into a “yes.” Prospects initially say no because they may be afraid to make a bad decision.

Most sales don’t occur until after the eighth “No.”

Most sales people quit after just two “No’s.”

Prospects are busy. Chances are they already have something similar to what you are selling; and it works fine. They need to be sold why they should switch; what improvement in results will your program provide.

Be relentless with your follow up. Mix up your contacts with email, voice mail, a text message, phone calls… Send a fax. Send a greeting card. Maybe even send an overnight package with a demo of how your program improved results at a non-competing client.

Remember to provide additional value with every contact, like how results will be improved, or a link to an article you know they will find of interest; or a gift card to their favorite coffee joint.

Follow up demonstrates that you are serious and can be trusted.

Relentless follow up will give you an edge over your competition and Heat Up Your Sales™.

Now… don’t you have a call to make?

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