Obtain 15 Accomplishments This Quarter

“How can I possibly get 15 things done this quarter,” you may ask. It’s quite simple.

For each of your top five customers, set three goals that absolutely, positively, have to be completed. Business building goals like get new items authorized, get an additional order, meet the buyer’s boss, or whatever.

At the end of the quarter you will have achieved three goals at five customers. You will obtain 15 accomplishments this quarter.

If you have a sales team of five, you will obtain 60 accomplishments this quarter.

How many accomplishments can you obtain over the next four quarters? Don’t give your team too many goals they are overwhelmed and fail.

What incremental volume can you identify due to these achieved goals?

Next, add some new customer initiative goals. Identify three new customers every quarter and close the sale. At the end of the year, you have 12 new customers. What is your average revenue per customer? Nice lift over last year.

Set objectives, hustle, and give your professional best.



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