Mike Cooper Presentation Topics

Mike Cooper is Chair of the TRIAD Speakers Bureau and was three term Chair of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Speakers Bureau. 

Speeches, Workshops and Presentation Topics

Caregiver Coaching

  • The Six Stages of Caregiving

Job Search

  • Treat the Interview Like a Professional Sales Call
    • Prepare for your interview as you would for a sales call using the PAPCE selling technique. The biggest sales call you’ll make is selling yourself to the hiring manager. Using the PAPCE technique (Preparation, Approach, Presentation, Close, and Evaluation), you’ll be confident you did your best.
  • Job Search Personal Branding & Marketing Plan

Selling Tips and Tactics

  • Get Focused on the Sales Call
  • Handling Stalls, Overcoming Objections, and Getting to Yes
  • Prospecting
  • Networking Tips, Tactics, and Strategies
  • I Love Referrals
  • 30 Second Promo: What Do You Do?
  • Baker’s Dozen Phrases to Avoid in Business (and in Life)
    • Will exceed expectations. Trust me.
  • Accountability
    • If you can measure it, you can manage it…
  • Time Management vs. Goals Management

Sales Planning & Goal Setting

  • Expanding Your Business Through Goal Setting, Planning, and Maximizing Sales
  • Sales Planning that Works” Presentation & Workshop
  • Sales Goal Setting” Presentation & WorkshopCOOP SPEAKERS BUREAU APR2013_crop
  • “Shoot for P A R, Get Results”
  • Ten Reasons To Hire A Business Coach
  • SCORE: Annual Sales Planning & Goal Setting”
  • Mid Year Review: First Half Results & Back Half Planning ~ Sales Quiz
  • Business Development Tools, Tips, and Strategies
  • How to Make Your Speech Educational, Informative & Entertaining” ~ 8th part in the ‘Become a Powerful Voice for Your Business’s series

Mike is a recognized authority on consumer selling as well as the development of effective selling strategies. He is founder & Chief Sales Officer, at Sales Kitchen, a sales leadership and sales coaching firm.