Manage Your Windshield Time and Heat UP Your Sales

Remember to ask yourself, “Self, is what I am doing the best use of my time?” When you have to be in your car, plan those valuable minutes you are looking out the windshield:

  1. Have a list of prospects and clients you need to follow up with to answer questions or schedule appointments. Since writing and driving is not a good idea, during that planning, jot down the possible outcomes and circle the correct response.
  2. Follow up with the people that talk a lot. We all have someone on our team that is long winded. Heck, I can go on and on sometimes. You can complete your business with them and even listen to them as the miles go by. You also have an easy way to cut the call short due to a number of driving situations requiring full attention.
  3. Practice your sales. Listen to audio books on sales techniques. There are also dozens of podcasts available on any subject. According to the University of Southern California, if you drive 12,000 miles a year and listen to instructional CDs, at the end of 3 years you will have the equivalent of a 2-year degree.
  4. Practice your 30 second intro. There’s a good chance you are networking every month. Most meetings allow time for attendees to tell their story in 30 to 60 seconds. What is your story? Make it compelling and get the other attendees excited. Your goal is to get someone to say, “Wow! I have to meet (you) before I leave this place.” Practice your 30 second intro.

There you have it…be more productive during windshield time and Heat Up Your Sales.

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