Enthusiasm is Contagious

Hopefully everyone in your organization is focused on sales. Everyone in front of your customers selling your products and services should exude contagious enthusiasm.

Is there much point in doing it if you aren’t doing it with passion? If you are anything less than positive or enthusiastic when you wake up, go back to sleep. Nobody wants to be around you. “It’s too hot. It’s too cold. They don’t call back. My car is old.” Remember, you only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Everyone selling must know your products and services intimately. The features, advantages and benefits (F A B) should never be read from the PowerPoint deck; they should be effortlessly linked throughout the presentation. Your FAB should be so compelling, prospects and customers are ready to buy before the end of the presentation.

Knowledgeable sales experts anticipate and handle customers’ objections with sensitivity and enthusiasm; solutions to problems have been identified. Customers understand your competitive edge and are ready to buy.

Enthusiasm convinces prospects you are happy and passionate in what you are doing and you are the best. Enthusiasm convinces buyers that they, too, will become happy and passionate when they do business with an enthusiastic sales pro. Everyone likes to do business with the best.

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