Your Elevator Speech Is Your Commercial

There’s a lot of discussion about what to call it. Is it an elevator speech, a commercial or a promo statement? In today’s highly competitive, networking crazy business world, you need a compelling description of your product or service to capture the attention of the other people.

The shortest intro, or commercial, is just 20 to 30 seconds. Not very long. The longest is about 3 minutes. Not many people can go on and on and on for three minutes. But, there are a few of us.

Some of the benefits of a 30 second promo: You want to make a connection. Peak their curiosity; get them to want more. Highlight the key points. Make it about your ideal client, and share some successes.

Think of this as your commercial; your 30 second promo. When it is your turn at a Networking Event, always stand and pause before you start. The elements of a 30 second promo vary by networking group but should include a variation of these seven points:

  1. Your name
  2. What you do
  3. How long in business
  4. Description of your product or services
  5. Your ideal client
  6. Two U.S.P.’s ~ your competitive edge. Shift into storytelling mode, giving a concrete example of a current customer. The key phrase is “Now, for example…”
  7. Restate name and say your branding statement.

Practice your 30 second promo in the car on the way to the networking event. During a 15 minute drive, you should be able to rehearse up to 10 times.

Be authentic, excited, passionate, enthusiastic and interesting. End with a five-word tag-line.

Ask your table partners how you can help them improve results and always follow-up with all your new connections. Good luck!

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