Eight High Payoff Activities to Heat Up Your Sales

To ensure you reach your selling goals, you should focus on these eight high payoff activities during the selling hours of every day:

8. Prospecting. Tell six people what you do every day…at the supermarket…dog park…coffee shop…soccer match…

7. Networking. Itis one of your most important marketing activities. Marketing begins with a need. There is a need for what you do. There are only two ways to increase sales: obtain new customers, or get current customers to buy again.

6. Schedule Appointments. You have to pick up the phone, dude, and schedule appointments. Waiting for the phone to ring is a bad idea.

5. Prepare for the sales call. Meticulous preparation separates you from the competition. You should know everything about the customer, her products, competition and suppliers.

4. Conducting the Sales Call. What value will you offer the future customer to change from what they currently buy to what you have to sell?

3. Handling Stalls & Objections. This takes a lot of practice. Stalls are basically a statement by the buyer that they don’t have enough info to make a decision. Objections indicate interest in your service; they just need some facts clarified. Keep a list of objections and how to overcome them. Then when you hear that objection again, you’ll have the answer.

2. Closing. Congratulations! You obtained the order. Don’t oversell; you could lose the order. Schedule a follow up appointment, then leave.

If you are not performing any of these high payoff activities during selling hours, you are being distracted. When you are focused and disciplined to complete these High Payoff Activities for every customer and future customer you will repeat the number one high payoff activity often: cashing checks.

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