Business Development Specialists

Specializing in small to medium-sized companies, up to $25M in annual gross revenue, Sales Kitchen will analyze your historical results and sales processes and give you specific, actionable tasks in order to Heat Up Your Sales immediately.

Sales Kitchen not only asks tough questions, they also provide guidance. Our Business Development Specialists role up their sleeves to guide you through the entire process until you feel you can continue on your own.

We not only coach you to reach your goals, we also give you the best solutions, answer your tough questions and enhance your leadership skills (via training, advising and consulting).

~ Mike Cooper, Sales Kitchen

pipelineBusiness Development Consulting will Heat Up Your Sales with your Current Customers and identify Business Development initiatives ensuring you obtain New Customers. There are only two ways to increase sales: get more clients, or sell more to your current clients.

Planning and Goal Setting is the only way to find direction in your company and get consistent growth. We will help you set SMART goals, and will hold you accountable for reaching those goals. Also, by identifying high payoff activities, you can make the best use of your time.

Identify Sales Growth Opportunities is how we provide guidance as you work through key business decisions including: improving product or service offerings; selling more to current customers; and identifying new customers.

Strategic and Tactical Planning provides you with complete understanding of the marketplace. We then support and challenge you to create a sales plan, meeting short- or long- term goals.

Measurement and Accountability are critical to reaching your goals because when you monitor what you’re doing then you can re-assess your activities to establish what’s working and what’s not working. We will identify important selling activities that need to be measured, and help you evaluate those activities to determine if adjustments are needed, ensuring achievement of your goals.

Getting Results is what it is all about. Give us a call at 630.548.9723 to schedule a 30 minute meet-up where we can demonstrate how Sales Kitchen will Heat Up Your Sales.

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