Sales Predictions for 2012

Back in the day, my crystal ball was always in the repair shop when it came to forecasting and estimating. Today, I’m still not much of a psychic but I’ve made some predictions that are both good business practices as well as interesting. Gone are the days when we sold “features and benefits.”  Now, there […]

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Finish The Year Strong

No excuses. There are just 10 selling days left in 2011. The economy? Nope. Some companies are having their best year ever. The timing? Nope. Everybody is busy. There is no time like the present. The holidays? Nope. Schedule that appointment for January 5th or 10th. The price? Nope. Stop comparing apples to lemons. Communicate […]

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Holiday Vacations ~ Stay On Top Of Your Customers

It is vacation time. We’ve got a couple ideas on how to stay focused and enthusiastic during the holiday vacation periods. As part of your overall selling and marketing strategy you should know everything about your competitors and customers ~ their products and services, their pricing, their strengths, their weaknesses and last but not least, […]

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Dare To Be Different…

What separates you from the competition? You’re either in finance, IT, marketing, real estate, sports, painting, accounting, travel, insurance, manufacturing, coaching, inspecting, plumbing/heating, shipping, not for profit, law, retail, printing, mortgage/lending,  automotive, construction, health care, fitness, food, promotion, banking, home improvement, telecom, or something else. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Make sure […]

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Six Steps in the Selling Process

If your sales are in a slump, don’t fire your sales manager. Analyze your selling process to see if it contains all the ingredients for success. Sales planning: a) goal setting, b) business development, and c) develop strategies and tactics. Sales Presentation development: a) meticulous preparation ~ know everything about the customer, their customers, and […]

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