Ask Questions and Sell More. Period.

Do your prospects need what you sell? Of course they do.

Do you know what your prospects’ goals are? Maybe… but probably not. Ask them. Chances are, your prospects’ goals include:

  • Improving profits or reducing discounting
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving productivity – through great sales training
  • Improving sales by obtaining more customers or by selling more to current customers

You know your products will help your prospects with one or all of their goals. Ask them for an appointment to demonstrate how your program will improve their results.

But your prospects are busy. They don’t return your phone calls… or probably can’t return your phone calls because of:

  • Vacation
  • Family issues
  • Understaffed and overwhelmed with all responsibilities
  • No rush or urgency: your prospects may have something similar to what you are selling, and it works fine.

Call someone you know that knows your prospect and ask them what is going on… stop wondering and get the facts.

Your prospects might prefer communicating with you by emailing or texting… ask them.

  • Send an email: do you prefer texting, voice mail or email?
  • Send a text: do you prefer email, voice mail or text?

AHA MOMENT: you have asked questions and now you know:

  • Your prospects goals
  • Why they don’t call you back
  • How they like to communicate
  • How your program can improve your prospects results

Ask them one more question: “When would you like to begin?”

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