7 Ways to Improve Results

Reasons Your Sales May Be In A Slump (or worse):

    Not enough networking.

    You don’t get any referrals.

    Failing to follow up.

    You talk too much.

    You don’t close.

Here are seven ways to improve results.

Season Your Skills & Techniques

1.    Read a Book: Instead of watching TV reruns, attack your personal development goals by reading a book on sales or Social Media. (Improve your mind.)

2.    Attend a Workshop: Learn something new. If you keep doing things the way you always have been doing things; you’ll get the same results. (Improve your creativity.)


Heat Up Your Pipeline

3.    Talk to Strangers: Meeting people face-to-face is still—and always will be—important. So get out there, network, and meet some people. (Improve your network.)

4.    Ask for referrals: Too many business people never even ask for referrals. They’re afraid of rejection or they don’t want to be perceived as intrusive. You just have to ask. (Improve your results.)

Ignite Your Sales

5.    Follow up: can turn a no into a yes. Prospects initially say no because they may be afraid to make a bad decision. Follow up demonstrates you are serious and can be trusted.

6.    Listen:  The best sales specialists ask quality questions and listen. It’s no coincidence we have two ears and only one mouth. When you listen you will understand his business, his problem, and his goals. (Did you know ‘silent’ has the same letters as ‘listen’?)

7.    Ask For The Order: If you don’t ask, you are just a professional visitor. (Heat Up Your Sales”)

I’m Mike Cooper, head chef here at Sales Kitchen. Give us a call to see how we can improve your results and Heat Up Your Sales!

Thank You…

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