6 Sales Tips From A to Z

Here are 6 of our favorite sales tips from our A to Z collection:

Accountability: Measure your results against plan. It’s the start of a new quarter, half way thru 2019. Are you 50% of your yearly plan? How is actual compared to 2019 plan? Do you have a plan?

What’s your plan and how are you doing compared to it?

Enthusiasm sells: Enthusiasm convinces a prospect you love what you do. Enthusiasm is a choice. Everyone likes to do business with a winner. Enthusiasm is contagious. Go sell something. Be enthusiastic. Obtain more customers.

I: There is no “I” in Team. Together Everyone Achieves More. (BTW, yes there is a ‘me’ in team.) Get out of the fourth grade and give it your professional best.

Objections: Write down the three objections you anticipate even before you meet your customer. Your responses will be professional and create a positive mindset. Since objections are buying signals, you are just a few questions away from closing the sale. Good Luck!

Unique: Customers are looking for innovative and creative ways to exceed their goals. Demonstrating how you are not only unique, but also how you differentiate yourself from the dozens of competitors, as well as provide a value, will put you in an advantageous position to earn their trust and their business.

ZZZZZZ: Are you getting enough rest? How many times have we heard, “Focus on high payoff activities.” Well let’s not be too focused that we forget to get enough rest. Falling asleep in the prospects waiting room is bad form. Take care of number one, and you will be a pleasure to work with; an asset to any organization.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these sales tips. I’m hopeful you found it to be a high payoff activity.

What’s YOUR favorite sales tip to share?

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