6.5 Tips for a Great Sales Meeting:

A great sales meeting is educational, entertaining and informative. We are talking about the weekly or bi-monthly meetings to discuss sales results and action steps; not the long drawn out national sales meeting.

1. Agenda Publish an agenda a couple days before the meeting. Request each participant to forward any problems or issues they are experiencing.

2. Preparation Have everyone be prepared to share a success. Respond to each problem before the meeting.

3. Punctual Part 1 The meeting must start on time. Remember, this is a sales meeting not a gripe session. Table all problems or complaints and say you or someone else will follow uptoday or tomorrow. Remember: praise in public; criticize in private.

4. Positivity The meeting must never be anything but positive and enthusiastic. This should help the team increase creativity, customer focus, successes, and sales skills to ensure sales are smokin’.

5. Multi-Media Use some kind of visual aid during each session. The most common and easy to use is a PowerPoint presentation; closely followed by the flip chart which allows you to capture all good ideas and suggestions. Remember, don’t read every word on each PowerPoint page; those aspiring rock stars you hired can actually read. A decent stereo playing rock star music should be blasting as the team leaves and heads out to their appointments.

6. Punctual Part 2 Meeting must end on time or early as the sales team needs to get to their next appointment. “That meeting was educational, informative and entertaining.”

6.5. The 3 B’s of selling also apply to sales meetings: be bright, be brief & be gone.

Good Luck.

Click here for a Weekly Sales Team Meeting Template


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