5.5 Ways to Be Safe This Summer

1. Safe grilling. Always keep an eye on the children; their curiosity can get them burned. Don’t worry about the dog; unlike humans, they learn after just one lesson. Keep your spare tank full; nothing worse than running out of gas and having a spare empty.

2. Safe fireworks.  It is always fun to celebrate with a bang. Always go outside and keep a water hose or a bucket of water nearby. Light one firework at a time, don’t relight a dud, and don’t hold fireworks in your hand. DUH! Soak them all in water before tossing them in the garbage can.

3. Safe swimming. Don’t let children swim unsupervised, especially children that do not know how to swim. Use plastic cups and paper plates on the pool deck; broken glass beats bare feet every day. Leave the cell phone in the car or in the house; you WILL forget it is in your pocket.

4. Safe computing. Back up your important information monthly. We have three external hard drives, each holding a couple bigabytes. Unplug the external drive after the back up. IT folks say the cost to recover data lost to a crash is very expensive, like $6,000. That’s like 60 hours of sales coaching. Be safe. Get an external hard drive, back up your important information, and hire a sales coach.

5. Safe biking. Always wear a helmet. My amazing wife and I always wear a helmet; our kids are too cool, and do not. We see families on the bike trails; kids with helmets and parents without them. We see kids in those ‘pull behind two wheel cars’ without helmets. As in sales, anticipate obstacles to a crash free bike ride. You could hit a patch of sand and spin out. You could slam into a biker coming at you if one of you loses control.

5.5 Safe Sales. Use generous amounts of enthusiasm and positivity. Network and Prospect with a buddy. Use the phone to schedule appointments; smile before you speak and ask permission, “Is this a good time to talk?” Avoid distractions and practice meticulous preparation. Handle stalls and objections and ask for the order. Utilize relentless follow-up to schedule the next meeting. Set your objectives, hustle, and give your professional best. 

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