4.5 Ways To Sell More

Remember, there are only two ways to Heat Up Your Sales: 1) obtain new customers, and 2) get your current customers to buy more stuff.

1. “Call Me In January”  Remember all those prospects and future clients that said to call back after the holidays? Guess what? It’s the last day of January. Have you called yet?
Pick up the phone dude: “I’m following up after the holidays as you requested to schedule a meeting to discuss next steps. What works better, Friday or Monday?”

2. Measure your results. Meet with an accountability partner once a week. Keep a scorecard of your weekly activity goals and results. Be tough on each other; if goals are not achieved, get explanations as to why, and create action steps to improve this week.

3. Stay Focused on your Goals. Don’t wast time thinking about the past (the prospect that almost said yes; the client that dropped you for a competitor…) Stay focused on your current goals and schedule high payoff activities in your calendar. You will get good results.
It’s gonna’ be the best day of your life.

4. Resolve to be on time. How YOU doin’ on those Resolutions? Not so good? At least you got all those Christmas decorations put away. But you’re still running late. Resolve to be on time. Running late is inexcusable. Be early to your meetings to ensure your prospects morph into clients.

4.5 Compare actual results to your planned results. Just met with a future client that doesn’t have a plan. Been in business 22 months and can’t understand why business is flat. “I just can’t seem to get to the next level…” She thinks she knows what February sales will be; but she doesn’t even have a guess where March will end. “I can’t afford a consultant.” What’s it gonna’ cost if you don’t get some help?

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